Must Haves: Minx Nails

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A while back (August 12), I tweeted the above pic introducing you all to my Minx nails with my beloved electric guitar (that I played in my Test Drive video). I got them done for 1 of my album photo shoots & for the Test Drive video. Now it’s time I put you on again, but with 2 new styles I LOVE – Lace & 3D

Minx: I fell in love.

Minx is an adhesive applied to your nails. It gets smoothed on & put under a heat lamp so it sticks perfectly. It’s fast, It doesn’t damage your nails, can stay on for weeks & there’s NO drying time!! So no worrying about smudging or walking around like a diva cause u can’t touch or do anything while its wet lol..

My Minx Tech Mich came to the condo & did my hands & feet in “Sasha Fierce Silver”. Which turns out to be the first & last time that color gets used on anyone that’s not Beyonce, as Beyonce has the color blocked since it’s her “signature” color & was used for the “Single Ladies” video. (Now that’s fierce!) Unfortunately, I found this out after I fell in love with it & wanted to do it again. I love Minx so much, they offered to create an exclusive color just for me & include it in retail! I’m thinking a nude-pink color with crazy glitter/sheen! Thoughts? (It be super cool to bring my color when I hit the tour bus to share with my girl fans across the country!)

Mich is awesome! She came on set of the video and we did hands & feet in gold, than pink, then silver!

My Minx Technician Mich – Doing Minx touch-up’s on set!

To learn more about Minx, check it out here & see where you can find a nail tech near you! It’s the same price as a regular mani/pedi!

I recently heard about new hot ways to do our nails! Lace Nails and now 3D Nails!

Lace: I really love this & it’s very easy to do. Surprisingly, if you bring the color lace you want, there are some nail tech’s around that will do it for you! All you have to do is ask!

3D: This is my new favorite thing and something my girl Cassie put me on to – 3D Nails! Here’s a picture of Cass rocking them! Stay tuned for her new album coming out next year!

Finding nail tech’s skilled enough to do the above things is a task, but well worth it – especially if it’s a special occasion! You’d be surprised to find that their ARE some places in your area that can do it, and do it right!

Now the question – Which do YOU prefer??

Favorite Things: the “Snuggie”

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On the balcony on a cold night.. who was there? Snuggie!

Do you have a snuggie? And if so, how much do you love it? lol

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CANFAR Announces Keshia as their “Youth Ambassador”

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TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – 12/01/10) -

Every 12 seconds, someone in the world is infected with HIV. Today, the need to find a cure for AIDS through research is critical as young adults account for a growing percentage of new HIV cases.

This World AIDS Day, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Juno award-winning recording artist Keshia Chante as its national Youth Ambassador. Today at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square, Chante will rally together with CANFAR volunteers and MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor to mark World AIDS Day by creating Canada’s largest red ribbon.

“At CANFAR, we believe this generation of young adults has the power to lower the incidence of HIV infection in Canada. Having an ambassador like Keshia, who connects with Canada’s youth, is critical,” said Christopher Bunting, president, CANFAR. “Keshia is a talented artist, a great role model and extremely passionate about the AIDS cause. We are thrilled to have her as a partner.”

Twenty-five per cent of all new HIV diagnoses in Canada are young adults (aged 15-24), and more than half of all Canadian grade nine students wrongly believe there is already a cure or vaccine. In addition, a quarter of sexually active young adults admit that their last sexual encounter was unprotected. The lack of awareness surrounding HIV/AIDS among this audience is approaching an all-time high, not unlike in the 1980′s when very little was known about the disease.

“The status of HIV/AIDS among young adults in this country is shocking,” said CANFAR Youth Ambassador Keshia Chante. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to join CANFAR in the fight to end AIDS through research and help spread awareness and prevention messages to Canada’s youth.”

CANFAR urges Canadians to show their support by wearing a red ribbon and joining the fight to end AIDS. CANFAR will distribute over 100,000 red ribbons across the country on World AIDS Day. Canadians can show their support for AIDS research by getting their virtual red ribbon at


The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research is Canada’s only independent charitable foundation dedicated to eliminating HIV/AIDS through research. By funding promising Canadian HIV/AIDS research and spreading awareness through education campaigns, CANFAR is working to end AIDS globally. Since 1987, CANFAR has awarded $17 million to HIV/AIDS research projects. Visit or for more information.

World AIDS Day: Youth Ambassador of CANFAR

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on CBC News

I was thrilled when I found out CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research) wanted me to be their official Youth Ambassador! I was so excited when they reached out to meet with them! Within 20 minutes of meeting the team I knew I wanted to be involved and in a big way. The folks at CANFAR broke down their contribution as to HIV/Aids Research & I was so impressed. They have funded many breakthroughs with Canada’s leading doctors & researchers – one that is truly astounding is the “AIDS cocktail”, a drug that has stopped many deaths & helped the lives of people suffering severely from HIV/AIDS. They even helped fund research to stop the transmission of the disease from a pregnant mother to her child. Wow!

After discussing CANFAR, I wanted the facts about the disease.

  • 25% of new diagnoses of HIV in Canada are people UNDER the age of 24!
  • 45% of new diagnoses of HIV worldwide are people UNDER the age of 24!
  • Almost 50% of people being infected are between the ages of 15-24 years of age.

That’s crazy!!

with some amazing volunteers!

  • A survey showed that 50% of Grade 9 students in Canada believed a cure was already found. Many of them even believe that the birth control pill

33 Million people suffer from HIV/AIDS in the world. That’s the population of Canada. Imagine that..

Every 12 seconds someone is diagnosed with HIV.. every 16 seconds someone dies from HIV.. and 25% of HIV/Aids carriers are unreported.

1.2 million people suffer from HIV/AIDS in Canada & the United States. I was so confused! How could this be!? With all the technology we have in North America, at our finger tips, how did I not know these facts, how come others don’t know it, and why are so many young people getting effected? We’re such a computer savvy generation, why aren’t we informed? We have sexual education classes in our curriculum and everything.. It’s pretty shocking. Most cases of HIV/AIDS are avoidable. It’s really about safety & awareness. So that’s where I felt I could come in. I have amazing fans who are listening & are passionate about their world and creating change, I know that if they knew the mind-blowing facts, they would be just as compelled to inform others. This is a huge epidemic.. If we all could give $1 to research & tell 1 person, we could be well on our way to saving lives. Please visit or for more!

with MuchMusic VJ Sarah Taylor & CANFAR President Chris Bunting

World AIDS Day:
World AID’s Day is truly an international event. The largest Red Ribbon in America was hanging over the White House! Alicia Keys, Usher, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga & more participated in a “Cyber Death” to raise money & the largest Canadian Red Ribbon was made with a bunch of amazing volunteers, CANFAR & I in Toronto’s Dundas Square!

The day was jammed packed! We were non-stop from 5am til 10pm, busy getting people aware of the cause & wearing their red ribbons!

I started the morning off at CANADA AM with CANFAR President Chris Bunting. Then headed off to Dundas Square, in Toronto to raise the Red Ribbon. MuchMusic’s Sarah Taylor (who looked radiant!) hosted the event. We did interviews with MuchMuch, ET Canada & took pictures with various media outlets. It was freezing outside!! It was really nice seeing all the volunteers taking on the cold weather to be apart of making a difference! Then I was off to CBC Studios to do an interview on CBC News Now, then CP24 again with Chris Bunting!

Stay tuned for media from my interviews posted here!!

Check out the Press Release of my involvement with CANFAR here!

Entering MuchMusic's new HQ's

Request “Table Dancer” At Your Local Radio Station

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Can’t get enough of Keshia Chante’s ‘Table Dancer’?! Let your local radio station know and request it now! Let us know if we missed any stations in your area and we’ll add em to the list. Thanks in advance for your help!

- Team Keshia

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Table Dancer Video On iTunes

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Keshia’s new video “Table Dancer” is now available on iTunes for purchase in Canada! US & International fans, Keshia’s music will be available on iTunes in your county soon!

Want “Table Dancer” VIDEO on iTunes? Click HERE
Want “Table Dancer” SONG on iTunes?? Click HERE

Check out the Behind The Scenes photo gallery! Click HERE

Watch “Table Dancer” VIDEO, Presented by PEPSI, on VEVO below!


Pepsi Refresh Project – Winners

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Inspired. Humbled. Motivated. Those are the words that describe how I felt after meeting some of the winners from the Pepsi Refresh Project. If you haven’t heard about Pepsi Refresh.. Where have you been? It’s a terrific campaign that allows people all over the world to submit charitable ideas to and allow the community/online world to vote for the idea in hopes to winning a grant! It’s an oppourtinuty for people everywhere to have a voice & make a difference. And it’s EASY!! If there is something going on in your neighborhood, or an issue you feel passionate about – SUBMIT your idea to Pepsi Refresh, get your friends & as many people as possible to VOTE for it & see if you could be a lucky winner.

Pepsi “Tweet Up” Event + Performance

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Some of what Pepsi considers the most influential bloggers & tweeters attended Pepsi’s “TweetUp” Event at the Pilot in Yorkville to hang out with the Pepsi Refresh Winners & tweet about important causes! I was excited to premiere my new video “Table Dancer” & perform 2 song’s acoustically for them.

To see the Full Gallery, click HERE.

Outfit – Red Dress: Pink Tartan + Headband: BCBG Max Azria

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Behind-the-Scenes: Table Dancer

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Check out the fierce Behind the Scene photo’s of Keshia Chante on the set of her latest music video Table Dancer. Between having fun with director RT! filming a blooper, sipping on her favorite drink Pepsi or laughing with her dancers, it’s no question Keshia had a blast.

*For the FULL Photo Gallery of +200 pictures & commentary from Keshia herself – click HERE!

Pepsi Presents…”Table Dancer”

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I am pleased to present to you the PREMIERE of my new video “Table Dancer”!!!!

Check it out HERE, on, OR

Co-Starring Dancers: Melanie Mah, Tatiana Parker, Kim Gingras, Tamina Pollack-Paris, Rodrigo Basurto, Edgar Gilbert-Reyes, Mark Samuels, Vincent Noiseux, Yonni Fournier, Danny Lawn, Justin David

Big thanks to RT & the NE, the Tanjola Team, Jeff Ojeda, Janet Jackson, Gillian, Donavon Whyte, Luther Brown & Wayne Samuels

Stay tuned for Behind the Scenes Videos & A HUGE Gallery of Photos!!

Want “Table Dancer” on iTunes?? Click HERE